O’BH is striving to be the BEST sales and marketing organization, representing the BEST principals while maintaining the BEST customer relationships and loyalty in our industry. The principles this agency are built upon will assure its continued growth and success.


O’BH Associates L.L.C. was established in 1990 by Peter O’Brien and Gary P. Hogman, Sr. Our agency delivers results due to our extensive knowledge of the products we represent and the customers we serve. All O'BH team members are highly trained and qualified professionals. Our experience in this region over the past twenty years gives us a unique understanding of our customers needs.

In 1998, O’BH Associates L.L.C. was honored by Agency Sales Magazine for growth and selling excellence. O’BH continues to experience unparalleled growth in the breadth and quality of the manufacturers they represent.


  • Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct
  • Strive for excellence in all aspects of our industry
  • Our priciples must also represent the highest integrity