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O’BH Associates L.L.C. is a professional sales and service organization specializing in the furniture, fixture and cabinet industries. We build enduring relationships and understand and anticipate our customers’ needs. We are healthy, disciplined and focused individuals. O’BH team members look forward to each new day, each new encounter and each new adventure. Our success as a team depends upon the support of each other. We believe everything we do can be improved upon, are prepared for detours in the road, and embrace change when it crosses our path.

The O’BH Difference

O’BH adds value to our principals by selling to and servicing all of the major clients in our sales territory. We continue to develop programs with several of the "Top 100" manufacturers in our industry in the United States. The O’BH sales and support staff is directly connected to the decision makers at these firms. Our synergistic product offering is a powerful factor in helping us become a valuable asset to over 500 active customers. Our service and support is what keeps those customers coming back. More about O’BH